How to Mend Holes in Woolens

The temperatures are gradually rising and summer clothes are making their way into our closets, while wool sweaters are being packed away. After the final laundering of my sweaters, I like to do a quick scan for any holes that might have occurred during the winter season before storing. Doesn’t it seem like your best sweaters always get the holes?! As you can see in the picture above, my favorite green sweater was the latest target, hence, I thought this would be a great time to go over how to mend holes in wool sweaters.

Mending woolens is a little more difficult than mending a cotton based article of clothing. If you’re not delicate, you could end up with a pintucked or uneven section, which could bring more attention to the area you’re trying to disguise. The following steps will take you through the mending process and will help you conceal the hole as best you can.

- Needle (thinner is better for tightly woven knits)
- Thread in color of area to be mended (if you don’t have an exact match, choose darker over lighter)
- Bottle or block

- Turn your sweater inside out and drape over a large bottle or block.
- Thread the needle, and keep string unknotted.
- Start the stitching process by very delicately sewing over and under the material still intact that borders the hole (*Since there is no knot on the thread, gently pull the thread through on the first stitch and leave about 1/2 in. of thread on the tail end. The thread will eventually knot itself through the stitching process, as long as you don’t pull it all the way through).
- Continue stitching around the hole until you form a circle (see below) (*Remember to be very gentle, and do not pull thread tightly).

- Once you have the border set, you can start making stitches vertically (see below), beginning on either the left or the right and continuing the process until you’ve made your way across the hole. Still make your stitches under and over (unless there is no material) (*Your first stitch on either end should always be anchored to a set piece of material).

- Once you’ve covered the hole with vertical stitches, repeat the process again with horizontal stitches, under and over the vertical stitches.
- When both horizontal and vertical mends are done, turn your sweater to the right side and make any last minute touches before trimming your string.

- After you make your final touches, turn the sweater back to the right side and admire your skills!

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